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The unbelievable story of Leonid Bernshtein, a young Jewish soldier who rose to become the leader and led the operation to destroy the secret facility of the notorious Nazi V2 ballistic missiles.

The film has two main components - documentary and fiction. The encounter between these two genres adds to the film a new dimension of and realism, a very important factor for the younger generation that is not accustomed to watching historical films. We see an interview with an old man of 95, but the moving and important parts of it are shown by narrative scenes and historic reconstructions. The characters in the plot are real heroes from Leonid's stories: partisans, soldiers and ordinary people who took part in World War II. The languages in the film are real: Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, German.


FILM COMPANY: Metaphor Ltd.

Co-producers: Hila Guy, Lior Sasson
Director: Roman Shumunov
Script: Simon Shechter
DOP: Evgeny Usanov, Ronen Kruk
Production: Ronen Machlis-Balzam, Emanuel Shechter
Cast: Yaroslav Kucharenko, Lila Otpovich, Anton Karlinsky, Pavel Ivcin, Roman Lukyanov


Service Production Company: PSB films
Executive producer: Arnold Kremenchutsky, Bella Terzi

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