Bulgarian princess Olga, married against her will to the pagan Ingvar, the wild leader of the Kyiv Varangians. To save her life and ensure the future of her children she must win Ingvar’s heart and turn his rogue slavetraiding nest into a prosperous Christian kingdom. However, the Ingvar’s chieftain Sveneld gets in the way of Olga’s plans, who wants to take Ingvar’s place on the throne and in her heart.





Kyiv, Ukraine


The young Bulgarian princess Olga has to marry her beloved — the Byzantine emperor Constantine: the two great powers want to make peace after a series of wars. However, the usurper Roman overthrows Constantine. The father hastily marries Olga to Ingvar, the Varangian king of Kyiv: Bulgaria needs an ally against Byzantium.

Ingvar is a warrior and a pagan, he is only interested in military glory and booty; from this marriage he needs kinship with the Bulgarian king and a dowry. Life in Kyiv is simple and harsh: instead of brilliance and sophistication, Olga is met with indifference and humiliation.

From the first days, she desperately fights for her rights, for the respect of her husband and the love of her subjects. In Kyiv Rus’, Olga frees slaves and builds churches, teaches people literacy and plows fields — she wants to make barbarian Rus’ more beautiful and rich than Byzantium and Bulgaria.

Ingvar, unable to resist her masculine mind and feminine heart, falls in love with her. And Olga, overcoming the chasm between them, reciprocates Ingvar. Together they will build Kyiv Rus’, build the future.

Olga will not be stopped by intrigues, attempts by slave traders, or tricks of pagan magicians. Even the death of Ingvar, treacherously killed, does not stop Olga. She defeats her enemies and creates a great empire — in memory of Ingvar and for the sake of their children.