Your Eastern European Filming Destination

20-25% Cash Back
“Film in Georgia” is a newly launched film industry incentive program offering a 20% cash rebate on qualified
expenses incurred in Georgia. The program aims to support the development of Georgia’s film industry.

An additional rebate of up to 5% is available if a production promotes Georgia as a destination by meeting the
program’s “Cultural Test.”

Eligibility Criteria for 20% Cash Back

International and local productions must be registered as legal entities in Georgia.
Projects must lead to the production of a feature film, TV film, TV series or mini-series
(pilot episodes are eligible), animation, documentary film, commercial, reality show, or music video.
At least 50% of the total production budget should be should be mobilized at the time of application.

Additional Rebates

The applicant who has benefited from the state program “Film in Georgia, has completed feature film,
series/mini series, documentary or animation and publicly released it, has a right to qualify for an
additional 2-5% rebate if the production meets the following cultural test:

1% information on the filmmaking experience in Georgia has been shared with the audience

The final credits of the film should include “Film in Georgia” program logo and the following text in
English: “The project is supported by the state program “Film in Georgia””

1% The production employs Georgian citizens in at least one of the following categories:
Lead actress or actor (first three positions in credits) Director (first two positions in credits)
Screenwriter (first two positions in credits) Composer (first two positions in credits)
Two supporting actresses or actors (first ten positions in credits)
At least three Heads of Departments (DP, first position in credits), Producer (first ten positions in credits),
Production Designer (first ten positions in credits), Costume Designer (first ten positions in credits), Line
Producer (first ten positions in credits).

1% Use of one of the following Georgian elements in the production:
Depiction of Georgia as a location (identified via on-screen title or other indication)
Story is based on a Georgian work of literature or historical event or a character’s life
Depiction of national landmarks commonly associated with Georgia such as:
UNESCO cultural heritage sites (and candidate sites) Landmarks from the approved list (40 sites)
The Georgian flag or Georgian alphabet visible on- screen for at least two seconds

1% At least 50.000 GEL (around USD 25.000) spent on post production in Georgia

1% Distribution of final products in at least two EU member countries, the US, Canada, or India; or
participation in the main competition of an FIAPF-accredited film festival, the Sundance Film Festival or
an AMPAS or BAFTA nomination.

Production Assistance

To streamline the production process, Government of Georgia will help productions with the following
Location scouting
Assistance in acquiring permits issued by state
Coordination and communication with various

Cash Rebate Scheme

Qualified Expenses

* Limit of co-financing, % of total qualified expenses budget

Rental of audio-visual equipment in Georgia Rental of wardrobe/costumes (15%)*
Hair and make-up services Rental of props and set dressing Rental of generators
Rental of grip equipment and accessories (15%)* Rental of lighting equipment and accessories (15%)
Rental of sound stages, studios, rehearsal rooms, manufactories (property-room, joinery), workshops,
sports storage spaces, theatre stages, and event halls Rental of office space, office furniture, and
office equipment
Rental of air and water transport in Georgia (15%)* Rental, training, feeding, and transportation of animals
Rental of water tanks and mobile toilets
Hiring of government employees and rental of state- owned resources (military, emergency services, fire
department, security, etc.)
Rental of land transport, vehicles, and all special transport for film production
Security and urgent medical assistance services
Food and catering services on the territory of Georgia if it is in direct relation to the final project (15*)
Professional services rendered in Georgia, such as insurance, banking, accounting and legal services.
Also, if necessary, expenses incurred in determining the market price of the service provided
Special effects (SFX) services, specialists and equipment (10%)*
Scuba diving, skydiving, hang-gliding equipment and instructors, mountain guide services, and all services
related to their use in filmmaking
Laundry and dry-cleaning services
Rental of Filming locations and the cost of filming permissions
Cost of set design, construction, and decoration Travel expenses in Georgia of administrative personal of the
program beneficiary ‒ in accordance with the legislation of Georgia (1%)*
Accommodation for crew (15%)*
Expenses of the cast and crew, including wages of personal working full- and half-time, remuneration of
contractors (must be residents of Georgia), taxes paid to Georgia, and those hired under the legislation of
Georgia and on the territory of Georgia (60%)* Remuneration for non-resident employees (director, actors,
director of photography, production designer, costume designer, editor) (15%)*
Travel costs (only if Georgia) (5%)
Fuel costs (in accordance with the rule established by the order N230 of April 18, 2011 of the Ministry of
Finance of Georgia) (5%)*
Utility bills (1.5%)*
Telecommunication expenses (telephone, cell phone, internet, fax bills in Georgia) and rental of radios
(walkie-talkies) (2%)
Image editing Animation
Visual effects (VFX) services Colour correction
Music recording
Voice recording studio rent Image rendering
Rental of voice recording studios (voice recording for films)
Translation and interpretation services Subtitling
Film processing and printing costs (lab costs) borne in Georgia. The creation of & film related packages to
distribution and sales companies (deliverables) Casting agency services
Talent agency services (60%)